World’s Best Pastry Chef, Roger van Damme, has put all of his heart and taste in the making of dessert recipes with Parmaham.

A non common food association you would think, but for Roger it was a great challenge! He found his inspiration in the breakfast moment, where eggs, a toast or freshly baked bread make a tasty assocation with Parmaham, coffee or tea and a freshly squized fruit juice. The results are amazing! The recipes are real masterpieces to look at as well as to enjoy when tasting them. Roger van Damme developped an Omelette Sibérienne with a boullion of Parmaham, an Egg Surprise with ice-cream of Parmaham and a Coffee Tiramisu accompanied with a crumble of Parmaham. All recipes can be foud on our Facebook page. Make sure to take a look!