Tastings Prosciutto di Parma in selected Albert Heijn stores in Belgium

On December 7 & 8 the Consorzio del Prosciutto di Parma is organizing tastings in selected Albert Heijn stores in Belgium. There will be offered a discount of 15% for every customer at the checkout when buying a pack of Parmaham. Parmaham is produced only in Parma since 2000 years. A little salt and a maturation of minimum 12 months in special ventilated rooms, located on an altitude of 900 metres, with a dry wind blowing from the Mediterranean Sea infised with aroma’s of pine trees, vineyards and olives all add up to the typical soft taste of the one and only Parmaham. Parmaham is a 100% natural product and has the AOP label. You can recognize a true parmaham by its Ducal Crown with 5 points. At Albert Heijn in Antwerp, Overpelt, Olen, Mol, Lier, Kontich, Hasselt and Gierle.