Less Plastic is More

If we don’t “care” more about nature and the health of all living creatures in the oceans, there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans worldwide by 2050! We all think it’s a subject too far from our daily concerns, but actually all of us can make a difference! By stopping to use disposable plastic in our daily lifes, we can all save the oceans, save the animals who are living in the oceans and eating plastic because they consider it as food. Many of these fish die because of the plastic they have eaten; those who survive somehow end up in our foodchain when we eat fish. So ending using disposable plastic products not only contributes into a better world for the animals, but also for mankind! BRITA has decided to support WDC, Whale and Dolphin Conservation, a charity that is supporting the health of whales and dolphins across the world by giving educational packages to children, running beach cleaning activities and running sensibilisation compaigns towards the general public such a “Not Whale Food” or “Less Plastic is More”. BRITA is one of the leading companies worldwide to bring products on the market that are meant to reduce considerably the usage of plastic and more especially plastic bottles.