BRITA, 50 years of ideas. We eat with our eyes, why don’t we drink with them too?

The very first exhibition ever for BRITA shows the evolution of the design of the jugs in the last five decades. Thanks to BRITA, millions of people have an easy access to the best drinking water, which has led to a better quality of life. This exhibition immerses every visitor in a fun and educational walk through the trends of the past 50 years and the developmental stages that an everyday object, such as a BRITA filter jug, has gone through. Nowadays, 1 million Belgian households have at least 1 BRITA product at home. An everyday product has become an icon over the years. Come and admire the very first BRITA jug as well as the very last innovation “STYLE” and the new filter pattern “MAXTRA+”. The exhibition is running from March 10th until April 30. Designcenter De Winkelhaak Lange Winkelhaakstraat 26 2060 Antwerpen